The first meeting of Comhairle na Míre Gaile was on Wednesday, 14th May, 1947 @ 11am in the Ceann Comhairle’s Room, Leinster House.

On the motion of Senator Goulding, the then Lord Mayor of Dublin was unanimously elected Deputy Chairman.

The question of the design for the medals was considered and a design executed by Richard Joseph King, Dalkey, Co Dublin was examined.  The Chairman said that after an open competition had been held in 1945 the design was selected by an expert Committee as being the most meritorious, and on its recommendation, the prize of £50 had been paid to Mr. King.  The Committee consisted of Mr M. Burke, Director of the National Art Gallery, and Mr M.S.D. Westropp.  The design was approved by the Comhairle, subject to the deletion of the figures "1945".  For the reverse field, Mr. King’s suggestion for the inscription –

"Ar na bhronnadh ag Comhairle na Mire Gaile ar … (ainm) … (dáta)."
(Award by Comhairle na Míre Gaile to … (name) … (date)…) with a single laurel branch suitably worked in, was adopted.  The Comhairle also approved the following colours for the ribbons as suggested by the designer:  rich red and white for the gold medals, dark blue and white for the bronze – Note at the 13th meeting held on 16th November 1950 it was confirmed that the bronze medal ribbon would be dark blue and white stripes (with markings blue-white-blue-white-blue); at the 16th meeting held on 8th July 1952 it was decided that the ribbon for the gold medal should change to green, with makings green-white-green-white-green).  The ribbon for the silver medal is red and white.

The following decisions were arrived at regarding certificates: